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This section of the website is devoted to your garden. It gives you a chance to show it off and let the whole world know what it looks like. Big or small, we show them all (when space and time permit). Share the gardening spirit, share the gardening fun, and share with us your own veggie garden! Welcome friends!

Linda B's Gardens

Linda B's Veggie GardenLinda lives in southeastern Wisconsin and loves to garden, feed the birds and play with her two dogs. Her garden is just the right size for herself and her father, who likes to putter in the soil as well. The garden requires a good fence due to the many deer and raccoons in the area. She doesn’t use any plastic or raised beds, and always produces a nice crop of vegetables. She is a regular visitor to our site, and we thank her for sending us pictures of her garden.

Other Guests

In this section we display guest gardens from other gardeners. Click on the links below to view their great gardens!

Linda's Garden

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Old World Wisconsin's Vegetable Gardens

How To Submit "Your Garden"

If you would like to find out more about sending your garden photos , Click Here!

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