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How To Submit "Your Garden"

If you would like to try to send photos of your garden, this is what we need:

Scanning in your photos or using a digital camera

Some scanners and digital cameras come with software (example: Adobe Photoshop LE) that allows you to edit your photos. You may need to resize the photos you scanned/shot to a smaller size so as to be able to send them to us as an e-mail attachment.

What you need to do:

1) Scan in/shoot 4 or 5 photos that you would like to show on our site.

2) Using your photo editing program on your computer, change the scanned photo to a size that can be sent as an attachment to an e-mail.

4) Make all your changes first then save them as a .jpg (JPEG) at High (8).

5) Include them as an attachment to an e-mail document. (You may have to send one photo attachment at a time in it’s own e-mail document) Then write something about yourself and/or your garden in the e-mail and send it to We will do the rest.


If you are interested in submitting several photos to our site and do not have the capabilities to send us your photos as described above, please contact me.

PLEASE NOTE: We never mention the address, city where people live, any last names or any other personal information that you submit to us. All information is held in confidence. Remember that everyone on the World Wide Web can view the photos and information that we post to our site. Because of this, cannot be held responsible for any one copying and/or misusing any photos or information that we post.

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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