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Fred And Wendy's Garden

Boerner Botanical GardensThis is Fred & Wendy’s garden from Illinois. Although new to gardening, they produced quite a large crop and proved to be quick learners at planting and growing vegetables. Congratulations Fred and Wendy on producing such a nice garden crop! Here are some of the pictures they sent us:

More Fred And Wendy's Garden Photos

Fred and Wendy's vegetable garden

Here is another view of the garden

Here is a view of the other end

Brussels sprouts growing in the garden

Some celery plants

Fred is ready to do some work in the garden

Spotted a zucchini

Tomatoes plants growing out of red plastic

Found a pepper

Nice size cabbage head

Tomato plants are taller than Wendy!

Zucchini rules!

Assortment of peppers

A few crops harvested from the garden

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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