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Watch It Grow 1, 2, 3

Here at our veggie garden we plan out our yearly garden using the practice of crop rotation. You don't want to grow the same crops in the same place year after year so we have divided the garden into three areas and move each area every three years. The reason we do this is to prevent pests and diseases from carry over from one season to the next in the soil. Also moving the crops every year can help prevent heavy feeders like corn from depleting the nutrients in that area year after year.

Since we have a rather small garden it has been a challenge to rotate the crops in different areas each year. The three yearly garden plans shown below are what we find works out the best for a garden that measures 10 feet by 40 feet.

It's easy! Start out with year 1's plan, plant your garden and then come back to OurVeggieGarden the following spring to determine what to plant in your garden that year.

For more garden fun, come back monthly to see what we are up to in our veggie garden.

Get ready . . . get set . . . 1, 2, 3 . . . Watch it Grow!

Our Veggie Garden 2016 (Year 2)

The 2016 garden this year will be similiar to year 2. Click on the garden below to see what will be growing in our veggie garden.


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"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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