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Plastic Trays

Growing Seedlings In Plastic Trays

We use plastic trays that we purchase from our local gardening store which come with clear plastic covers and are especially made for starting seeds. The good thing about plastic is that it are impervious to rot, is non porous and can be sterilized with a 10% solution of bleach to kill any bacteria from previous years. Each plastic tray holds several dozen plants and the covers act as a mini greenhouse, keeping the heat and humidity in.

Plastic Tray KitCleaning Your Trays With Bleach

You will notice that the plastic tray system contains two trays: an inner one, that contains numerous plant cavities that hold the plants, and an outer one that supports the various plant cavities and prevents water from leaking on the floor. Each plant cavity contains a hole, which allows the plant to absorb moisture from the BOTTOM of the cavity. To water the plants you need only place water in the outer tray and plants will suck-up the moisture from the bottom holes. This helps prevent fungus infections, such as damping off. To water in this fashion, remove one of the corner plant cavities and water from this corner.

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