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Saving Seeds In A Plastic Zip BagSeeds from last years packets can normally be used, so don’t throw away old seeds! To save old seeds, put them back into their original seed packet and place the packet, along with other seed packets, into a resealable plastic zip bag that is airtight. It must be airtight or you will have a good chance of losing the seeds. Store the old seeds in a cool, dark area of the basement. We have had good luck using last year’s seeds and will normally exhaust our old supply before using the new ones.

Heat causes seeds to grow, so you should try to store them between 32 and 40 degrees F. We do not recommend that you try to store them in your freezer, because any moisture in the seed can cause them to spoil. If you must do this, be sure to dry the seeds very well. Moisture, likewise, causes seeds to germinate, so keeping them dry is of utmost importance, which is why we put them into airtight plastic bags. Sometimes you will come across a packet of desiccant, or silica gel, which absorbs moisture in things you buy. Save these and place one inside of the plastic zip bag that contains your seeds. A small amount of powered dry milk and/or rice placed into the bottom of the zip bag can also work in a pinch. This will help to keep the seeds free of moisture.

The viability of the seeds (the ability to germinate) should remain good for one year, but will decrease after this. We never store the seeds for more than two years, although some say it can be done. A neat trick is to put all of your seed packets into a used coffee can, add a desiccant or silica gel packet to the can, and cover it with a plastic coffee can cover.

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