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Vegetable Row Markers - Potato, Peas And Cabbage

Peas, Potato And Cabbage Vegetable Row Markers

Materials Needed:

Scrap piece of 3/4” thick pinewood
3/8” wooden dowel, 14” long
White latex primer
Assorted colors of acrylic paint
Black paint marker (optional)
Polyurethane spray
Medium and fine brushes
Coping saw (jig saw)
Drill and 3/8” drill bit
Fine sandpaper
Graphite pencil
Masking tape


1) Print out vegetable pattern to printer. See illustration A. Cut out vegetable shape from paper and trace onto piece of wood. Cut out vegetable shape out of wood with coping saw and sand rough edges smooth.

2) Paint wooden vegetable shape, both front and sides with white primer paint. Allow paint to dry completely.

3) To transfer the vegetable face onto the wooden vegetable shape: Rub graphite pencil onto back of pattern piece. Lay pattern piece graphite side down and lining up edges onto wooden vegetable shape. Tape pattern onto wooden vegetable shape to hold in place. With a pencil, trace the vegetable face onto the wooden vegetable shape. Remove pattern piece.

4) Drill hole into wooden vegetable shape as indicated on pattern piece.

5) Using the pattern piece as reference, paint the wooden vegetable shape with paint. After the paint has dried, apply a thin wash of red for blush of cheeks. Using either black paint with a fine brush or paint marker, paint the features on the wooden vegetable shape. Put a small dot of off white paint on the eyes for the highlights.

6) Insert wooden dowel into hole on wooden vegetable shape.

7) Spray entire vegetable marker with Polyurethane spray. Allow paint to dry completely before using in garden.

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