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Valentine Sweet Treats Box

Sweet Treat Box

Materials Needed:

Printer paper or index*
Scissors Xacto knife
Glue stick, spray glue or stapler
Bone folder or metal nail file
Wrapped chocolates
Hole punch (optional)
Valentine scrapbook paper (optional)
14" length of 1/8" or 1/4" ribbon (optional)

*Print out onto heaviest weight of paper that can go through your printer or spray glue the pattern page onto card stock.


1) Print out pattern to printer paper or index paper.

2) Cut out pattern and two hearts along thin solid lines. Cut out the two slits as shown.

Laying Out The Fabric Strips

3) Fold along thin solid dashed lines. Note: Using a bone folder before folding will help create a nice crease.

4) Fill with chocolates. Match up the two slits first and then insert the two tabs into the slits to create the box. See photo above.

5) Glue on or staple the hearts to both sides of tabs.

Other options:

The Sweet Treat Box can also be used as a weight for a Helium filled Valentine balloon. Punch a hole on the top of box tab and tie the balloon to the box.


The pattern can be printed out to your printer, cut out and used as a template. With a pencil, trace around the template onto the back of Valentine scrapbook paper and then follow the instructions for assembly above.


Here is another version you can try. After constructing the box, cut across the top tab about a 1/2" down from the top and then hole punch the center of the tab. Punch a hole into the top of one of the hearts and then tie on a piece of ribbon. Attach the heart with the ribbon to the hole on the top of the box and then tie the ribbon into a bow.


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