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Turkey Refrigerator Magnet or Pin

Turkey Magnet

Materials Needed:

Variegated worsted weight yarn
Size G crochet hook
Large needle
1 1/2” brown pom pom
1 piece red bump chenille
2 black seed beads
Yellow cylindrical toothpick
1/2” wide adhesive backed magnetic strips*
Hot glue gun

* Or 1” jewelry pin

Go to if you need step-by-step instructions on how to do the crochet stitches for this project.


1) Crochet the turkey's tail as follows:

Chain 3, than join with slipstitch to first chain to form a ring.
Chain 2 (counts as first double crochet), make 14 double crochet in ring, slipstitch to top of first double crochet.
Chain 3, (single crochet in top loop of next double crochet, chain 3) 11 times.
Slip stitch in next double crochet and finish off.
With a large needle hide yarn ends in between the crochet stitches.

2) Glue on magnetic strips or jewelry pin on back.

3) Cut a section of chenille as shown in illustration A.

Cutting The Bump Chenille

4) Bend the chenille piece as shown in illustration B.

Putting Together The Body

6) Glue on beads for eyes. Cut off about a 1/4” of the end of the toothpick and glue on as shown in illustration C.

6) Glue the pom pom onto tail. Glue head onto the pom pom. See illustration D.

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