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Thanksgiving Wooden Turkey Decoration

Thanksgiving Wooden Turkey Decoration

Materials Needed:

3/4” thick piece of pine (about 7” x 10”)
Off white acrylic paint
Yellow ochre acrylic paint
Orange acrylic paint
Green acrylic paint
Brown acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
Thick and thin permanent black markers
Assorted size brushes
Fine sandpaper
Small artificial leaves, pinecones, berries, etc.
Graphite pencil
Masking tape
Wood glue
Hot glue gun


1) Print out turkey pattern pieces to printer. Cut out turkey shapes and trace onto piece of wood. Cut out turkey shapes out of wood with jigsaw and sand rough edges smooth.

2) Paint the turkey feathers front and sides with orange and green paint. Allow paint to dry completely.

3) To transfer the turkey face and feathers onto the body: Rub graphite pencil onto back of turkey body pattern piece. Lay pattern piece graphite side down and lining up edges onto wood turkey body. Tape pattern onto wood piece to hold in place. With a pencil, trace the face and feathers onto the painted side of the wood turkey body. Remove pattern piece.

4) Paint the turkey head and body with brown paint, shading along the edges as shown on pattern. Paint the turkey beak and flap under his beak orange. Paint a small black dot for eye. Allow paint to dry completely.

5) Using the pattern pieces as reference, add dashed lines to the wood pieces with a black permanent marker. Add a small white dot of paint to add highlight to eye.

6) Using wood glue, glue wooden turkey pieces together as shown in illustration A making sure that the bottom of pieces line up. Allow glue to dry overnight.

Alligning Bottom Edges Of Turkey

7) Make a bow out of several pieces of raffia and hot glue onto the front of the turkey as shown in illustration B. Arrange some berries, pinecones leaves or small flowers on front of raffia bow and hot glue them into place.

Adding Berries And A Bow To Front Of Turkey

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