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Christmas Terra Cotta Angels

Terra Cotta Angels

Materials Needed (for one angel):

2” diameter terra cotta pot*
1” round wooden ball
Elbow macaroni
Small ring pasta
1 1/2” wide Christmas wired ribbon
String of metallic beads
Christmas cording
Thin wire or string
Gold permanent marker
Flat white spray paint
Miniature wreath, stars or flowers
Crafters glue
Hot glue gun

*1 1/2” pots can also be used


1) Place pot upside down. For the head, glue the wooden ball on top with crafters glue. Glue pasta rings on wooden ball for the hair and add two elbow macaroni for arms. See illustration A. Allow glue to dry.

Glueing Together And Adding Beads

2) Spray the angel with white paint. Allow to dry overnight.

3) Draw the eyes on the face with the gold marker. Cut a strand of beads that contin about 6 to 8 beads. Shape strand into a ring and hot glue on top of head. Cut a strand of beads the diameter of the bottom edge of the pot and hot glue onto the lower edge. Cut a piece of cording to fit around the pot just above the beads. Hot glue the cording onto the pot. See illustration B.

4)To make wings, cut a piece of ribbon about 7 1/2” and tie together with a piece of thin wire or string as shown in illustration C. Hot glue to back of angel. Hot glue a minature wreath, flower or minature ornment on the front of the elbow macaroni.

Adding Ribbon And Finishing

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