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Stamped Note Pad

Stamped Note Pad

Materials Needed:

1 letter size sheet of index weight paper
1 post-it-note pad, 3 x 3
Assorted rubber stamps
Assorted color ink stamp pads
Sticky back Velcro (hook & loop), 3/4” wide*
Glue stick
Dinner knife or dull knife
Paper edger scissor (optional)

*Also small Velcro dots can be used.


1) Cut a 3” x 8 1/4” rectangle from the index weight paper. To add a decorative edge, use the paper edger scissors to trim off a narrow strip off both short ends of rectangle.

2) With your rubber stamps and inkpad, stamp a random design on one side of the paper.

3) Apply glue from glue stick to backside of post-it-note. Glue post-it-note to unstamped side of paper about 3” from one end and lining up edges of post-it-note to long sides of paper rectangle. (Make sure the Post-it-note pads glued end is pointed toward 3” end of paper)

4) Using the dinner knife, apply enough pressure to score the paper on both sides of the pad. (Be careful not to press down so hard that it cuts through the paper) See Illustration A. Fold flaps toward pad along scores. Score two more lines onto paper as shown.

Note Pad A

5) Fold along score lines and bend up the sides up around post-it-note pad.

6) Cut off a 3/8” piece of Velcro from both the hook and loop. Place hook and loop sides together. Remove sticky back strips from both pieces and stick to the blank side of the center top larger flap. Bend smaller flap over post-it-note and then bend larger flap on top. Press to make sure sticky sides of Velcro are stuck on both flaps of paper.

Finished Note Pad

7) Add a stamped message on front top flap. (Optional)

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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