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Snowman Gift Jar

Snowman Gift Jar

Materials Needed:

6” round piece of medium weight batting
Poly-fil batting
Scrap piece of orange felt
2” piece of black embroidery floss
Two 1/4” black pom poms or two circles cut from black felt
Two 1” red pom poms
Emptied & cleaned out clear glass container with glass lid*
24 “ piece of blue wired ribbon, 3/4” or 1” wide
Snowflakes or snowman decals (optional)
Piece of white cardboard (optional)
Hot glue gun (optional)
White glue stick

* Also can use clear glass candle jar with glass lid


1) With screwdriver, pry off white plastic cover from bottom of glass lid. Note: some jars don’t have a plastic lid cover so a circle cut out of cardboard will be needed later for assembling the snowman.

Snowman Gift Jar Lid

2) Lay the round piece of batting on a table. With a glue stick, glue the eyes (black pom poms), a triangular shaped piece of orange felt for the nose and the floss for the mouth onto the middle of the batting. See illustration. Allow glue to set.

3) Insert batting, face side down into glass lid of jar. Flip over to check if the face is centered on the glass lid. Flip back over and then stuff wads of Poly-fil into the jar lid until the lid is filled to the top. For the earmuffs, pull some of the batting away from the glass and slip in the two red pom poms. Snap the plastic cover back onto the lid. Note: If the glass lid doesn’t have a plastic cover than you will have to cut a circle out of cardboard the size of the open end of the glass lid. Use a glue gun to glue the cardboard onto the opening.

4) Decorate jar with decals if you like. Tie a ribbon around the lip of the glass jar and then tie into a bow. Trim off any extra ribbon.

5) Fill the jar with your favorite candies or cookies and snap on the snowman head lid.

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