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Skull Cap

Skull Cap

Materials Needed:

Fat quarter of medium size print cotton fabric
1/4-yard solid color cotton fabric
Matching thread
Dressmaker carbon paper
Sewing machine
Scotch tape


Left Panel Of Cap Right Panel Of Cap Band/Ties Pattern 1 of 3 Pieces For Cap Top Pattern 2 of 3 Pieces For Cap Top Pattern 3 Of 3 Pieces For Cap Top Pattern
Left Panel Right Panel Band/Ties Top Cap 1 Top Cap 2 Top Cap 3

Click On Pictures Above For Full Size Patterns

1) Print out patterns from your computer. Cut out patterns. Tape piece 1 and 2 together. Tape piece 3, 4 and 5 together.

Pattern Layout

2) Lay printed fabric wrong side up on table. Pin top of cap and side panel pieces onto fabric as shown in illustration A. Cut out pieces from fabric. Using the dressmaker carbon paper, trace darts from pattern onto the fabric.

3) Fold solid colored fabric in half. Pin band/ties pattern onto the fabric as shown in illustration B. Make sure the end of the pattern piece marked “place on fold” is lined up with the folded edge of fabric. Cut piece from fabric. (Do not cut along the fold.) Remove pins from all pieces.

Note: All seams are 1/4”.
Hemmed edges are turned under 1/4” with wrong sides facing.
Use a few backstitches before starting and ending your stitches.

Matching Up Marks For Side Panel And Cap

4) Place the wrong side down of the top cap piece onto a table. Place the right panel piece right side down on top of top cap piece. Match up the align marks on the two pieces and pin. Pin the ends together and than ease the rest of the pieces together and pin as shown in illustration C. Repeat with left panel.

Sewing Side Panels And Cap Seams

5) Sew pieces together. Remove pins as you go along. Iron the seam toward center of cap. Zig zag the seam onto the cap along the raw edge as shown in illustration D.

6) Turn up edge as shown in illustration D. Sew along raw edge with a zig zag stitch.

Sewing The Dart

7) Fold dart right sides facing and sew with a straight stitch as shown in illustration E. Iron the dart toward center of hat. Sew dart down to hat with straight stitch. See illustration F insert. Repeat with 2nd dart.

Sewing The Tail Of The Cap

8) Starting at one of the raw edges of dart, zig zag the raw edge onto the cap. Continue sewing along the raw edges, creating a hem along the tail of the cap and ending at the other raw edge of the dart. See illustration F.

Adding The Band To The Cap

9) Pin band to cap right sides facing. Line up corner edges of cap with align marks on band. Sew pieces together with a straight stitch as shown in illustration G. Iron the seam toward bottom of cap band.

Finishing The Band

10) Starting at mark, zig zag the raw edge of the band down. Continue sewing along the raw edge, creating a hem around the edges of the band and ties. Ending back where you had started. See illustration H.

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