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Silk Ribbon Embroidered Flowers

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Flowers


Materials Needed:

4mm pure silk ribbon
-Forest green
-Light hunter green
-Dark purple
-Light pink
-Dusty rose

7mm pure silk ribbon
-Light pink

Green embroidery floss
Pink embroidery floss
Pink seed beads
Medium weave fabric 8” x 8”
Ribbon embroidery needle
Bead needle
Embroidery needle
4” embroidery hoop
Pencil or dressmaker pencil
Small square of cotton batting (optional)
3 1/2” x 2 1/2” frame with no glass
Light box


1) Place the design shown below on a light box. Center the fabric over the pattern and lightly trace the design onto the fabric. Center the design in an embroidery hoop.

Note: Remove the fabric from the hoop when you are not working on your project for a while to prevent creases in the fabric caused by the hoop. To prevent soiling your project, wash hands often.

Pattern And Legend Of Stitches

2) To stitch the design, follow the list of stitches in the order as shown above.

Use ribbon and floss in short lengths no longer than 10” to 12” long. Separate 6 ply floss into 2 stands of floss for stem stitch, feather stitch and spider web for rose. Use 1 strand of floss for seed bead on loop stitch with bead stitch.

See the embroidery stitches below to make the different flowers. For the colors of the flowers refer to the photo or create your own color combination.

Threading Needle French Knot

Threading ribbon into the needle – Slip the ribbon through the eye of the ribbon embroidery needle. Pierce the ribbon end, holding onto the needle pull the end until the ribbon is secure. See threading the needle illustration.

Knotting the end of ribbon or floss – Tie a knot at the end of the ribbon or floss to prevent the ribbon or floss from slipping out from the back of your fabric.

Ending the stitches – When you run out of ribbon or floss or change colors, tie a knot or run the needle under a few stitches on the back of the fabric.

French knots – Work knots loosely with ribbon. Bring ribbon embroidery needle up from back of fabric at “A”. Wrap ribbon one or two times around needle. Slip needle back into fabric next to point “A” and slide ribbon wrapped around needle down close to where needle is inserted pull needle through fabric and a knot should form. See French knot illustration.

Spider Web Rose Stitch

Spider web rose – Using 2 stands of floss, bring embroidery needle up through back of fabric at “A” and down at “B” leaving a short loop on top of fabric. Bring the needle up at “C”, catching the loop and than go back down into fabric at “D”. Bring the needle back up at “E” and back down at “C”, than up at “F” and down at “C”. Finish off in back of fabric.This is the spider web you will work your ribbon stitches on.

Using the ribbon, bring the ribbon embroidery needle up in the center of the spider web. Slide needle under one of the stitches and pull ribbon through. Skip the next stitch and slide the needle under the following stitch as shown. Continue weaving over and under each stitch in a circle. When you have covered the floss and have the desired fullness of the rose, insert needle into the fabric close to one of the petals of the rose and end the stitch on the back. See spider web rose illustration.

Loop Stitch Loop Stitch With Bead

Loop stitch – Using ribbon, bring the ribbon embroidery needle up through fabric at “A”. Bring needle down at “B” to create a loop. To be more precise, insert a pencil through the loop and pull the loop snug around it. Make a circle of 5 loops as shown in photo. See loop stitch illustration.

Loop stitch with bead – Create a loop stitch with ribbon and finish off on back. With 1 ply of floss bring bead needle up at “A” and through middle of ribbon loop. Slip bead onto needle and slide down to loop. Bring needle back down into loop next to bead and back through fabric at “A”. See loop stitch with bead illustration.

Lazy Daisy Feather Stitch Stem Stitch

Lazy daisy – With ribbon, bring ribbon embroidery needle up through fabric at “A” and back down next to “A” forming a loop. Bring needle up through fabric at “B”. Pull ribbon loop until it is close to the ribbon at point “B”. Insert the needle at “C” into fabric next to top of loop. See lazy daisy illustration.

Feather stitch – Using 2 stands of floss, bring embroidery needle up through fabric at “A”, insert the needle through the fabric at “B” and “C” as shown creating a small loop. Wrap the loop under the pointy end of the needle. Pull needle through. To end stitch, bring needle down into fabric close to the bottom of the loop. See feather stitch illustration.

Stem stitch – Using 2 stands of floss embroidery needle up at through fabric at “A”. Go down at “B” and up at “C” as shown. Continue inserting needle through point “B” and “C” until desired length of stem. To end, insert needle into “B” and finish off on the back.

3) Remove from embroidery hoop when completed.

4) Cut out your finished piece to fit the inside of your frame. If you would like to add more dimension place a piece of cotton batting behind the fabric before assembling.

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