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Scissors Cozy

Scissors Cozy

Materials Needed:

Square shaped hot pad that has a loop for hanging (about 7-inch square)
Large wooden button about 1” or larger
Matching thread
Contrasting embroidery floss
Sewing needle
Larger needle for threading floss
Straight pins
Seam ripper


Decide which side of the hot pad you want to show for the outside of the scissors cozy and the direction you want the hot pad to hang.


If you purchase a hot pad with a hanging loop in the corner skip step 1. See illustration below.

Types of hot pads

1) You will need to move the hanging loop if you purchase a hot pad with the hanging loop along one of the sides. With a seam ripper or small pointed scissors remove the stitching that holds the hanging loop in place on the hot pad. See illustration A. Cut off the loop as shown in illustration B. Fold and tuck in the excess material; with needle and thread tack down with a few stitches. See illustration C. Take the loop that was cut off and fold as shown in illustration D. With needle and thread attach to the outside of the hot pad on any corner you choose to be the top of the scissors cozy. See illustration E.

Attaching the loop for hanging on the hot pad

2) Fold the hot pad as shown in illustration F and pin in place.

3) With needle and thread slipstitch the overlapping sections of the hot pad together. (Using a thimble will help to push the needle through the layers of the hot pad) See illustration G.

Folding the hot pad

4) Remove pins. With contrasting embroidery floss and larger needle cross-stitch along the edge as shown below.

Decorating the hot pad with cross-stitch and a button

5) With a few stitches sew the wooden button on top as shown above through the overlapping sections of the hot pad.

6) Place scissors in cozy as shown in photograph.

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