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Scarecrow Table Decoration

Scarecrow Pin

Materials Needed:

Red felt *
Bunch of raffia
Blue denim, fat quarter
Blue printed cotton fabric, fat quarter
Orange yarn, 18" long
Two 3/8" dark buttons
1/4" dowel, cut to 18 inches long
2 1/2" Styrofoam ball
Twine or string
Red thread
Blue thread
Sewing machine (optional)
White glue
Sewing stick pins or ball headed pins
Long pins
Medium size brown paper bag
A bag of apples

* A straw hat with a 2" opening for head can be used but you will still need a scrap of red felt for month of scarecrow.


1) Print pattern pieces to your printer.

2) Press dowel half way into Styrofoam ball.

3) Cut about 24 pieces of raffia 36 inches long. Fold 8 pieces of the raffia in half to find the center. Unravel about 6 to 7 inches in the center area of the raffia.

Scarecrow Pin Illustration A

4) Place the center of one piece of the unraveled raffia on the top of the Styrofoam head as shown in Illustration A. Temporarily pin in place. Continue adding strips until you have the ball covered. Use the same pin to keep raffia strips from slipping off ball. Gather the raffia around the dowel just below the ball. Wrap a scrap piece of raffia around the raffia and dowel, secure with a knot. Add more strips if 8 pieces don't cover the ball. Set the head assembly and remaining 36" pieces aside for now.

Scarecrow Pin Illustration B And C

5) Cut about 30 pieces of raffia 10 inches long. Gather the pieces together and tie a scrap piece of raffia about 1 1/2 inches away from each of the ends as shown in illustration B. These will be the arms. Cut two pieces of string about 8 inches long. Take one string and tie tightly around the middle section of the arms as shown. Make a knot.

Scarecrow Pin Illustraion D


6) Slip arms between the front pieces of raffia coming from face and the front of the dowel. Wrap remaining 36 inch long raffia pieces onto arms and dowel as shown in illustration C. Take the second piece of string and wrap around the body and arms as shown in illustration D. Tie tightly and finish off with a knot. Trim raffia at bottom so ends our even.

Scarecrow Pin Illustration E And F

6) To create the legs, gather up two separate bunches of the 36 inch long raffia. Tie a scrap piece of raffia about 6 inches from the ends as shown in Illustration E.

7) Pants pattern: Cut two denim pants pieces from pants pattern. With right sides together sew a 1/4 inch from edge as shown on pants pattern. Turn pants right sides out. Stitch around the top edge of the pants with a running stitch. Sew or glue on patches on legs made from scrap pieces of cotton fabric onto the front of pants. See photo. Turn up the cuffs of the pants. Slip pants onto legs of scarecrow. Insert dowel through the hole in crouch of pants. Gather up the running stitches on top edge of pants and then tie into a knot.

8) Shirt pattern: Using shirt pattern cut one shirt piece from printed cotton fabric. Fold right sides together, sew a 1/4 inch from edge as shown on shirt pattern. Turn right sides out. Put shirt onto scarecrow's body with open sides toward front. Wrap the piece of orange yarn around the shirt and body of the scarecrow. Tie a bow in front. See photo.



9) To make the hat, cut two 5 1/2 inch circles from the red felt. Cut a 2 1/4 inch circle in the middle of just one of the red circles. With needle and red thread, sew a running stitch along the edge of the circle that does not have the hole in the middle. See illustration F. Pull the thread ends to gather up the circle's edges so that they are about the size of the hole in the second circle piece. Hand sew the gathered red circle piece to the inside edges of the second red circle. See illustration G. Gather the edges as you go. Attach hat with a long pin to top of scarecrows head. Set aside. NOTE: You may use a straw hat that has a 2" opening for head. Use long pins to attach to head.

10) For scarecrow's face, pin buttons on for eyes. Cut a heart shaped month out of the scape of red felt. Glue to head. See photo for placement.

11) Cut off the top of a medium sized brown paper bag about 8 inches up from bottom. Add apples and then place the scarecrow on top as shown in photo.

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