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Robin's Crafts

This is a really cool section! The gals can watch as Robin makes or acquires her crafts like knitting, needlepoint and crocheting items and the homegrown things she makes! The guys can watch as Bill makes his gourd birdhouses, Robin birdhouse, rabbit traps and much more! We believe there is something here for everyone, so don't just sit there - move that mouse and explore the Crafts and Projects section!

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Snowmen Mittens Snowmen Mittens Wall Decoration
Indian Corn Magnet Indian Corn Magnet or Napkin Holder
CandyCorn Wooden Rustic Candy Corn
QueenAnnLace Colorful Queen Ann's Lace
American Flag American Flag Wooden Pallet

Valentine Sweet Treat Box

BagDispenser Plastic Bag Dispenser
SkullCap Skull Cap
Cat Wooden Black Cat
Bunny Boo Boo Bunny
Bookmark Thistle Cross-stitch Bookmark
BunnyPin Crocheted Bunny Pin
Butterfly Crocheted Butterfly Magnet
Cane Fabric Candy Cane
ChickenPin Chicken Egg Pin
Coasters Granny Coaster Set
Towel Crocheted Chicken Towel
Heart Crocheted Heart
Dog Dog Wall Hanging
Egg Mosaic Easter Egg
FlowerPounding Flower Pounding Picture
Press Flower Press
Apron Garden Tool Apron
GlassFlowers Glass Flower Lawn Ornament
Heart "I Love You" Cross-stitch
Pillow Quilted Heart Pillow
HeartPin Heart Pin
Box Take-home Box Of Kisses
Angel Kitchen Towel Angel
LEDOrnaments LED Tea Light Ornaments
Shirt Log Cabin T-shirt
PopOrnament Lollipop Ornament
Cookies Monster Cookie In Mason Jar
Mummy "I Want My Mummy" Pumpkin
Basket Napkin Basket
Costume Oreo Cookie Costume
Ghost Pillowcase Ghost
Pinecone Pinecone Ornament
pumpkinTissue Pumpkin Tissue Box
TissueHolder Purse Tissue Holder
Reindeer Woven Reindeer Ornament
RibbonAngel Ribbon Angel Ornament
RibbonWork Silk Ribbon Embroidered Flowers
Rosebud Chocolate Kiss Rose Buds
Scarecrow Scarecrow Table Decoration
ScarecrowPin Scarecrow Pin
ScissorsCozy Scissors Cozy
SewingKit Wool Felt Sewing Kit
Snowball Snowman Ball Ornament
SnowmanJar Snowman Gift Jar
SnowmanMitten Felt Snowman Mitten
SnowmanClothesPin Snowman Clothespin Ornament
NotePad Stamped Note Pad
Angels Christmas Terra Cotta Angels
Turkey Thanksgiving Wooden Turkey Decoration
Magnet Turkey Refrigerator Magnet
Runner Valentine Heart Runner
Vegetable Row Markers
WoodenPumpkin Wooden Pumpkin
WoodenSnowman Wooden Snowman
PumpkinMagnets Jack-o-lantern Refrigerator Magnet

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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