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Ribbon Angel Ornament

Ribbon Angel Ornament

Materials Needed:

1” gold glass Christmas tree ball
7 1/2” long x 2 1/2” wide ribbon with wire along edges
12” long x 1 1/2” wide ribbon with wire along edges
2 pieces of 6” long x 1/4” wide ribbon
1 1/4” decorative ring or a piece of gold colored wire shaped into a ring
Hot glue gun


1) Glue ring on end of ball.

2) Cut 2 1/2” wide piece of ribbon as shown in illustration A.

Ribbon Angel Pattern

3) Referring to ribbon in illustration A, bring edges “a” and “b” together to form a cone shape. Over lap edges about a 1/4” leaving an opening on narrow end to accommodate the shank end of the Christmas tree ball. Glue together the ribbon as shown in illustration B.

Assembling The Body

4) Tie the 1 1/2” wide ribbon and one of the 1/4” wide ribbons into a bow.

5) Glue the ball onto the cone shaped ribbon body. Glue on the small bow in front. See illustration C.

6) Glue the larger bow and 1/4” ribbon hanger onto back of angel. See illustration D.

Adding The Wings And Hanger

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