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Pumpkin Tissue Box

Pumpkin Tissue Box

Materials Needed:

5/8 yard of 36” wide orange cotton fabric
Scrap of black cotton material (4” x 4”)
Iron on fusible webbing (4” x 4”)
Orange cotton thread
Facial tissue box (about 8.63” x 7.81”)
White pencil
Large safety pin


1) Following the layout in illustration A, cut two pieces of material out of the orange fabric.

2) Print out the pumpkins face to your printer. Cut out the pieces. Place the face pieces onto the black fabric and then trace around the face pieces onto the black fabric with a white pencil.
3) Follow the instructions that come with the webbing. Iron the webbing onto the back of the black material. Cut out the pumpkin face pieces.


1) Wrap the 19” length of orange fabric around the box of tissues (wrong side of fabric facing out). Pin right sides of fabric edges together as shown in illustration B, slip out box and then machine sew the edges together. Trim seam to a 1/4”.

Creating The Bottom Of The Pumpkin

2) Line up edges of fabric as shown in illustration C and then machine sew a 1/4” away from edge.
3) Insert the box back in as shown in illustration D. Pin each pointy piece of material together as shown and then mark with a pencil where the edge of the box would be on the fabric.
Remove box and machine sew along pencil marks. Cut off pointy pieces a 1/4” from stitching.

Finishing Off The Bottom

4) Fold over and pin 3 1/2” of fabric from opposite end (wrong sides facing). Machine sew a 1/4” from the edge and then 1” from the edge as shown in illustration E.

Making The Casing At The Top

5) Turn the fabric to right side facing you. Insert the box back in. With the seam being the backside of the pumpkin, pin the black face pieces onto the front side of the fabric. Slip out the box. Iron the black face pieces with the fusible webbing onto the orange fabric. (Refer to illustration G for placement of the pieces for the face)
6) Cut a small slit as shown in illustration F. (Make sure that you don’t cut through both layers of fabric) Attach a safety pin to one end of the orange fabric strip and pull through casing, coming out through the same slit.

Slipping The Ribbon Into The Casing

7) Insert the tissue box back into the pumpkin with some tissue sticking out from the top. Pull both ends of fabric strip to gather the top of the pumpkin and then tie into a bow. See illustration G.

Finished Pumpkin Tissue Box

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