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Jack-o-lantern Refrigerator Magnets

Pumpkin Magnets

Materials Needed:

1 package of orange Bump Chenille*
1 package of green Bump Chenille*
1” or 1-1/2” artificial pumpkin shaped leaves
2” Styrofoam ball
1/2” wide adhesive backed magnetic strips
Scrap piece of poster board
Hot Glue gun
Serrated kitchen knife

* I found these at a local Hobby Lobby Store


1) Cut Styrofoam ball in half with a serrated kitchen knife. You will use one of the halves to make the magnet.
2)Take two strips of orange Bump Chenille and cut in the center of each narrow section. Although you will have eight Chenille Bumps you will only use 6 of them.

Cut Bump Chenille on narrow sections

3) Cut in the center of one narrow section of one strip of green Bump Chenille. You will only need one green bump from the Bump Chenille.
4) Cut a 1-3/4” diameter circle out of the scrap piece of poster board.
5) Cut a 1-1/2” long piece of magnet.


1) Take one of the Styrofoam ball halves and insert the ends of the orange Chenille bumps into top and bottom of Styrofoam ball as shown in illustrations A, B, and C.

Assembly Of Pumpkin Magnet

2) Insert green Chenille bump into top of Styrofoam ball and twist Chenille bump as shown in illustration C.
3) Insert one leaf into top of Styrofoam ball next to green Chenille bump as shown in illustration C.
4) Hot Glue 1-3/4” diameter poster board circle to flat side of Styrofoam ball and then stick on adhesive back magnet onto center of poster board circle.

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