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Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament

NOTE: This project is not recommended for children.

Christmas Tree Pinecone Ornament

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Materials Needed:

Materials Needed:
1/8 of a yard of 44” wide small print cotton material*
1 Styrofoam egg (2-3/8” x 1-7/8”)
1 spool of 3/16” ribbon
1 package of 1/2” sequin pins
1 straight pin (about an inch long)
Scrap piece of poster board
Yardstick or long metal straight edge ruler
Black pencil or white marking pencil
Heavy spray starch
Iron and Ironing board
Plastic deli container lid
Muslin or cotton towel (not terry)
White hobby glue
Cue tips

* Obvious one-way designs like plaids or stripes can be used but are a little more difficult to line up or to look sub metrical. For better results, use very small prints (like small dots or tiny printed patterns).


1) Following the pattern below cut one of each shape out of poster board. These will be your templates for cutting out your pinecone pieces


2) Place the round template in the corner on the backside of the cotton material and trace the circle with a white or black pencil. Cut out the circle. See illustration below.

3) Running lengthwise on the backside of the cotton material mark with a pencil 2 strips that are 3/4” wide. Cut out each strip.

4) Using the rectangular template as a guide cut 53 pieces out of the strips. Each piece that you cut out of the strip will be 1-3/8” long.

Cutting Out Pieces

5) Lay a towel on your ironing board to protect the surface of your board. Set your iron to cotton.

6) Lay one of the rectangular cotton pieces on the plastic deli lid and spray the cotton piece with the heavy spray starch.

7) Put the cotton piece on the towel and fold the cotton piece into a rectangle as shown below.

Folding Triangles From Cotton Rectangles

Crease the folds and iron with the **hot iron. Iron until the cotton piece is dry. Continue to do this with the remainder of the rectangular cotton pieces EXCEPT save one as is to be used later for finishing the ornament.

**WARNING: Please be extremely cautious when using your iron for ironing such small pieces. The cotton pieces can get very hot. Allow each piece to cool slightly before handling.

8) Cut 3 pieces of ribbon from spool about 7” long and cut one piece of ribbon 6” long.


1) Take the round piece of cotton material and fold equally into quarters and slightly crease.This will help you fine the center of the circle. See Illustration below.

Finding The Center Of The Circle

Push a pin into the center of the front side of the cotton circle piece and then push the pin into the center of the narrow part of the Styrofoam egg. With 4 pins, pin the cotton circle to the egg and tuck in the material as you go to smooth the material around the narrow end of the egg. See illustration A.

Placement Of The Cotton Pieces

Handy Tip: Using your rectangular template that you made earlier, measure and pencil a 3/16” and 3/8” mark on the template. Use this mini ruler to measure from row to row when pinning on your triangle pieces.

2) Arrange and pin 4 triangular cotton pieces seam side down on narrow end of egg. Measure 3/16” from the pin in the center of the egg out to the tip of each triangle piece. Space the triangles as show in Illustration B above. For the second row, arrange and pin 4 triangular cotton pieces 3/16” above first row. See Illustration C above.

3) Continue pinning and arranging the remaining triangular cotton pieces on the egg as shown in illustration B and C but instead measure 3/8" from one triangle tip up to the next triangle tip as shown in illustration D. Each row going up the egg uses 4 triangle pieces.

4) Take the rectangle cotton piece that was set aside earlier and cut it in half to form a square. Place one of the square cotton pieces on top of the egg to cover up the edges of the last row of triangles. Pin in each corner of the cotton square piece.

5) Make a loop out of the 6 “ ribbon, over lap the ends and insert the “straight pin” into it. Loop remainder ribbons as shown below and push onto pin. Dab a little white glue to each layer of ribbon on the area that is closest to the pin.

Glueing On The Ribbon

6) Find the middle of the top of the egg and dab on a little white glue. Press the pin with the ribbons on it into the top of the egg. Arrange the ribbons as shown in photo. Clean off any excess glue with a slightly damp paper towel or cue tip. Remove first pin that you used on opposite (narrow) end of egg. Allow glue to dry for several hours.

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