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Oreo Cookie Costume

Oreo Cookie Costume

Materials Needed:

2 pieces of foam, each about 26” x 26” x 1” thick
Black spray paint
Brown spray paint (medium brown works well)
2 pieces white twill tape, each about 14” x 1/4” *
4 pieces black twill tape, each about 12” x 1/4” *
Needle and black thread or large safety pins
Poster board or index paper
Two-sided tape or spray adhesive
1/2” masking tape
32 pennies
Large and small scissors
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Newspapers or painters drop cloth
Black magic marker
26” piece of string
1 1/2” nail

* Depending on your chest and waist size, you may need longer pieces.

Instructions (For back and front cookie)::

1) Using a large scissors cut a 25“ circle from each of the two pieces of foam.
Tip for making the circle: Tie the two ends together of a 26” piece of string. Push a thin 1 1/2” nail into the center of the foam. Loop the string over the nail and than around the black marker. Pull the loop taunt and than mark the circle onto the foam. See illustration A. Also a large aluminum garbage can lid might work.

2) Lay the foam circles onto the newspaper and lightly spray the top and sides of the foam circles with the brown paint. Spray several light coats of brown paint onto foam. After it dries, spray backsides. Allow paint to dry completely.

3) Cut from the masking tape 144 pieces of tape each measuring 2 1/2” long.

4) Stick the masking tape along the edge of the two foam circles. Space the masking tape about 1/2” apart as shown in Illustration B.

Making The Circle And Appling Tape

5) Print out templates onto index weight paper to your printer.
OR print out templates to your printer. With carbon paper or graphite paper sandwiched between the template and the poster board, trace the designs with a pencil onto the poster board.

Template 1 Template 2 Template 3
Template 1 Template 2 Template 3

6) Cut out template pieces out of the index paper with a scissors or craft knife.

7) Place template pieces right sides down onto newspaper and spray the back of the pieces with spray glue.
Or put two-sided tape on the back of each piece.

8) Place one of the foam circles onto some new pieces of newspaper. Following the Oreo design in illustration C, stick the template pieces onto the foam circle. Lay the pennies onto the foam circle. Cut masking tape pieces to the size that is shown on Template 2 and positon on foam as shown in illustration C.

Placement Of Pieces

9) Using the black spray paint, lightly spray the design onto the foam circle (top and sides). Spray several light coats. Allow paint to dry. Remove paper pieces, pennies and tape.

10) Reuse paper template pieces from 1st foam circle onto 2nd foam circle. Following layout in illustraion C, add template pieces, second set of masking tape piecesand pennies onto second foam circle. Spray foam circle with black paint. Allow paint to dry. Remove paper pieces, pennies and tape.

11) Using needle and thread, attach white twill tape to back of foam pieces. Than attach black twill tape to back of foam pieces. See illustration D. Note: you can also use safety pins to attach twill tape.

Sewing On Ties

12) To complete the costume: For the white filling for the cookie, you may want to wear a white shirt, white pants and white socks/pantyhose or a white leotard.

Slip the cookie costume over your head and than loosely tie the front cookie to the back cookie with the black ties. Happy Haunting!

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