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Napkin Basket

Napkin Basket

Materials Needed:

1/2” Flat Reed
5/8” Flat Reed
11/64” Flat Oval
#2 Dyed Round Reed
Sea Grass
11/64” Flat Reed
Wooden Turned Wire Handle
Bucket of Water
Curved Up Awl or Screwdriver
Sharp Scissors
Spray Bottle of Water


1) Cut 14 spokes from the 5/8” Flat Reed each measuring 21”. Soak in water. Lay out 7 of the 5/8” spokes horizontally on a table. On the center horizontal spoke mark a small pencil mark on the center of the spoke. On the remaining 7 spokes mark the center on one of the spokes. Weave the marked spoke vertically between the spokes on the table and line up the center marks on the two marked spokes. Weave the remaining 6 spokes (3 from the left of the center vertical spoke and 3 from the right of the center vertical spoke) vertically spacing each of the spokes about a 1/2”. Make sure both vertical and horizontal ends of spokes are even. The overlapping spokes should form a square base that measures approximately 7” x 7”. See illustration A.

Layout Of Spokes And Upsetting Spokes

2) Upset the spokes. See illustration B.

3) Soak a long piece of 1/2” Flat Reed in water. First three rows weave the 1/2” Flat Reed using the stop/start method. See illustration C. Begin and end each row on a different side of the basket. Use clothespins when needed to hold weaver in place and to help spokes to stand up.

Stop and Start Method

4) Soak a long piece of 11/64” Flat Oval Reed in water. On the fourth row weave the 11/64” Flat Oval Reed using the stop/start method.

5) Soak long pieces of #2 Dyed Round Reed in water. Next twine two rows of #2 Dyed Round Reed. See illustration D.

Twine #2 Dyed Reed

6) Twine one row of Sea Grass.

7) Soak long pieces of #2 Dyed Round Reed in water. Twine two more rows of #2 Dyed Round Reed.

8) Soak a long piece of 11/64” Flat Oval Reed in water. Weave another row of the 11/64” Flat Oval Reed.

9) Soak a long piece of 1/2” Flat Reed in water. Weave 4 more rows of the 1/2” Flat Reed.

10) To finish the basket, (see illustration E) cut the spokes that are on the inside of the top row of weaving. Cut these spokes flush with the top row of weaving. Rewet the remaining spokes with water. Upset the remaining spokes over the top edge of the top row of weaving to the inside of the basket. Trim bent over spokes to the third weaver down. Shape the end of the spoke to a point. With a screwdriver tuck the end into the third row of weaving inside basket.

Trimming Spokes and Tucking In Spokes

11) Line up handle to center spokes of basket and tuck ends into spokes as shown in illustration F. (You may have to loosen up the tucked in spokes to slip in the handle)

Tucking In Handles And Adding Flat Reed Along Top Of Basket

12) To rim the basket, first soak two pieces of 5/8” Flat Reed, both long enough to reach around the top edge of the basket and overlap by 3”. Also soak a long piece of 11/64” Flat Reed. Using clothespins to secure and starting by one of the handles, place one piece of 5/8” Flat Reed on the inside top weaver and place the other piece of Flat Reed on the outside top weaver of basket. Place Sea Grass along the top edge. See illustration G.

13) To lash the basket, begin lashing just past the area where the rim pieces overlap. Push the end of the 11/64” Flat Reed up between the rim pieces and hook it over the basket wall to secure it as shown in illustration H. Lash around basket and handles as shown in illustration I.

Starting Reed For Lashing And Lashing Edge Of Basket

14) End the lashing by cutting off several inched and hiding the end in the basket as shown in illustration J.

Tucking Lashing

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