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“I Want My Mummy” Pumpkin

"I Want My Mummy" Pumpkin

Materials Needed:

3/4” thick scrap pine wood
White acrylic paint
Flesh color acrylic paint
Black medium tip permanent marker
10 - 3” long finishing nails
Scrap piece white poster board or foam core board (optional)
String or twine (optional)
Paper hole punch


1) Click the links below to obtain full scale patterns. Print out the pattern pieces to your printer.

2) Cut out the paper pattern pieces. Place the paper pattern pieces on the wood and trace around them with a pencil.

3) Following along the pencil lines, cut out the pieces with a saw. Sand any rough edges smooth.

4) With a larger brush paint all the wood pieces with the white paint. Allow pieces to dry overnight.

5) With a smaller brush paint bandages and face with flesh color paint. Allow pieces to dry. (Refer to Mummy pattern pieces)

6) With a black medium tip permanent marker, draw the eyes and markings for the bandages. (Refer to Mummy pattern pieces) Use the white paint to add highlights to the eyes.

7) Drill holes about 1/2 inch through wood pieces. Hammer in finishing nails. See illustration A.

Nail Locations

8) Insert wooden mummy pieces into pumpkin as shown in photograph.

9) Optional sign: Cut a rectangle out of poster board measuring 3” X 2-1/2”. With marker write “I Want My Mummy” on the rectangle as shown OR print out sign to printer (See Step 1), cut out and glue to poster board. Punch a hole in upper right and left corner of poster board. Tie piece of string to one hole, wrap string around mummies head and tie other end of string in other hole as shown in photograph.

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