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Lollipop Ornament

Lollipop Ornament

Materials Needed:

3/16” dowel
1 1/2” Styrofoam ball
1/8" wide ribbon
Thin string or embroidery floss
White craft glue
Pinking shears
Compass or round kitchen plate


1) Using a compass or round kitchen plate, draw a 7 inch diameter circle onto the fabric. Cut circle out of fabric with pinking shears.

2) Cut a piece of ribbon 12 inches.

3) Cut a piece of embroidery floss 8 inches.

4) With a saw, cut a piece of wood dowel 5 inches long.


1) Stick one end of the wooden dowel into Styrofoam ball. See illustration A. Use a little glue on the end of the dowel if the dowel will not stay into the ball.

Lollipop Ornament steps A through C

2) Spread some glue onto the ball. Center the fabric wrong side down onto the top of the ball, smooth fabric around ball and than gather fabric around dowel. Tie the ribbon around the fabric where the dowel and ball meet, than tie the ribbon into a bow. See illustration B. Allow glue to dry.

3) To create the hanger: Thread the floss onto the needle. Run the needle through the fabric on one side of the ball. Remove needle from floss. Bring the ends together and tie the ends together with a knot. See Illustration C.

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