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Kitchen Towel Angel

Kitchen Towel Angel

Materials Needed:

Kitchen hand towel
Hot pad
Pipe cleaner
About 10” of 1/8” wide ribbon
Flower or small group of flowers

Note: At some stores the dishcloth, hand towel and hot pad are sometimes sold together as a set.


1) Accordion fold the hand towel and fold in half as shown in Illustration A. Twist pipe cleaner on end of towel. This is the body of the angel. Set aside.

Kitchen Towel Angel A

2) Roll the dishcloth as shown in Illustration B. This will be the arms of the angel. Attach the arms to the body with pipe cleaner.

Kitchen Towel Angel B

3) Accordion fold the hot pad and attach to angel with pipe cleaner. These are the wings. See illustration C.

Kitchen Towel Angel C And D

4) Bring arms to front and tie arms together with ribbon. With ribbon, tie on a flower or a small bunch of flowers and then make a bow. See illustration D. Trim ends of ribbon if they are too long.

5) Tie on a small card with this message on it if you like:

Kitchen Angel

Watch over the cooking,
And baking of the bread,
Bless the food before us,
And keep our family fed.

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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