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Take-home A box of Kisses

Take-home a box of kisses

Materials Needed:

Valentine scrapbook cardstock paper 12” square
Gold wired ribbon
X-acto knife
Scotch tape
Masking tape
Dinner knife or scoring tool
Transfer paper


1) Print out patterns to your printer. The smaller box is for printers that print letter size paper only. The larger box can be printed to legal or 11” x 17” paper.

2) Using the X-acto knife and ruler, lay the ruler close to the centerline and trim off the excess paper. Overlap and line up the left and right pattern pieces. Tape the two pieces together. With the scissors, cut the pattern out along the bold black lines.

3) Lay the scrapbook paper printed size down on a table. Place pattern on top and tape down with a little masking tape. Slip the transfer paper, color side down between the pattern and the scrapbook paper. With a pencil and ruler, trace along the fold line. Remove sheet of transfer paper. With a pencil, trace the edges of the pattern onto the scrapbook paper. Check to see if all the lines had transferred and than remove the pattern from the scrapbook paper.

4) Cut the box shape out of the paper using the scissors or a X-acto knife and ruler. On the one flap cut the slit for the tab.

5) Take the dinner knife or scoring tool, score the inside lines. Make sure that you don’t cut all the way through the paper. Tip: You may want to practice on a scrape piece of scrapbook paper first.

6) Referring to illustration A, Fold along the lines marked “1”. Illustration B, fold the lines marked “2”. Illustration C, fold the lines marked “3”

Folding Box

7) Cut a piece of ribbon 8 1/2” long. Place under folded flap. See illustration D. With the stapler, staple the ribbon and the box flaps together. Make sure that the staple perches the ribbon when the flaps are stapled to the box. Repeat on opposite side of box.

8) Fold the remaining top flaps toward the center of the box. Add your kisses. Slip the tab into the slot to secure.

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