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Quilted Heart Pillow

Quilted Heart Pillow

Materials Needed:

1/2 yard white fabric*
3/4 yard fabric, backing & ruffle*
Scrap fabric of different colors & prints
1/2 yard batting
14” square polyester fiber pillow
2 -Velcro strips (hook & loop), 3” long
White quilting thread
Cotton thread
Straight pins
Silver pencil
Quilting needle
Hand-sewing needle
Cardboard or template plastic
Quilting hoop or frame (optional)
Light box (optional)
Masking tape

*45” wide cotton


Click the links below and print out both pages of templates to your printer. Glue “Template 1” to cardboard and cut out pieces. Set “Template 2” a side for now. For the larger pieces of the pillow use the measurements in illustration A. Refer to layout in illustration A for cutting pieces out of fabrics.


1) White Center Front Square – To find center, fold fabric in half both ways and hand crease. Lay “Template 2” on light table. Place fabric on top of “Template 2” and line up creases with center marks on paper template. Tape “Template 2” to fabric with masking tape. See illustration B. Trace the quilt design onto fabric with silver pencil. Remove tape and “Template 2” from back of fabric.

Transfering Template 2 Onto Fabric

2) Appliqué Heart – Center small heart template on the right side of the fabric heart and draw around template with silver pencil. At the “V” on the top of the heart, clip into the seam allowance. With sewing needle and cotton thread, fold under seam along pencil mark and baste edge of heart as shown in illustration C. Press with an iron. Pin appliqué onto center of center front square and stitch along folded edge of heart with a blind stitch. Remove basting.

Steps For Creating Heart Applique

3) Front Panal Pieces – With right sides of fabric pieces facing, align edges and pin pieces together. Sew front fabric pieces together by hand or sewing machine as shown in illustration D.

Sewing The Panel Pieces Together

4) Quilting – Layer pieces together as shown in illustration E. Baste through all layers. Secure in a quilting frame or hoop to keep work taunt. Using quilting thread and needle, stitch through all layers of fabric with small stitches. Refer to illustration F for location of quilting stitches. Remove from hoop.

5) Ruffle: With right sides of fabric pieces facing, align short edges and pin pieces together. Sew pieces together by hand or sewing machine 1/4” from edge. With wrong side together, fold strip the long way in half and iron. About a 1/4” form edge and using a long running stitch baste together the long unfinished edge. See illustration G. Pull the basting to gather the ruffle. Line up edge of ruffle to edge of front piece as shown, pinning and adjusting ruffle to fit as you go. Baste 1/4” from edges by hand or sewing machine. Remove pins.

Adding Ruffle

6) Back: On long edge of larger back piece, fold under 1” to wrong side and press with an iron. Pin 2 Velcro loops onto wrong side of larger back piece and sew as shown in illustration H. Repeat with smaller back piece but sew the 2 remaining Velcro hooks to the right side.

Sewing Together Back Pieces

7) Line up edges of pieces and pin or baste layers together as shown in illustration I. Sew 1/2” from edges through all thickness. Trim seams a 1/4”. Turn inside out, insert polyester fiber pillow inside and press Velcro together to close the back.

Sewing Back To The Front

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