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Linda's Flower Press

Flower Press

Materials Needed:

2 pieces 9” x 7” x 3/4” thick maple lumber
4 carriage bolts, 4” x 1/4 x 20
4 wing nuts, 1/4 x 20
8 washers, 1 1/4”
4 nuts, 1/4 x 20
Several pieces of 5” x 7” bond paper or a small used book
1/4” drill bit and drill


1) Drill 4 holes in both pieces of wood as shown in illustration A.

Making Flower Press A And B

2) Insert carriage bolts into holes of wood. Add washers and then screw on nuts as shown in illustration B.

3) Put several pieces of paper on top of wood. Place flowers in between the pieces of paper. Place second piece of wood on top and insert screws through holes. Add washers and wing nuts as shown in illustration C. Tighten the wing nuts.

Assembling Flower Press C

In about a week or two your flowers will be dry and ready to use.

Here are a few card ideas:

Making Cards From Pressed Flowers

You will need card stock, envelopes, paintbrush and Mod Podge decoupage to adhere the dried flowers onto the cards. After the dried flower is glued onto card, than put another coat on top of the flowers.

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