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Flower Pounding Picture

Flower Pounding Picture

Materials Needed:

Fresh flowers and leaves
Muslin fabric 8” x 10”
Scrap muslin fabric
Kitchen towel
Wood cutting board
Clear plastic wrap
Newspaper or paper toweling
Black fine line permanent marker
Pre-cutout mat or mat board
Mat knife
8” x 10” frame with glass
Picture hanger


Note: You might want to practice first on a scrap piece of muslin to see how the flowers you are going to be pounding will look like on your final piece of fabric.

1) Lay a kitchen towel on a sturdy table to protect the table surface and to absorb some of the noise. Place cutting board on the kitchen towel. Lay some newspaper or toweling on top and than place your piece of muslin on top of the newspaper. Pick a flower and remove it from the stem. Place the flower head face down onto the muslin. If the flower is a single flower like a petunia lay the entire flower onto the fabric. If the flower is made up of several petals, take apart the flower and work with a few petals at a time. Place a piece of plastic wrap over flower and the muslin. For leaves, place vein side down onto fabric and cover with plastic wrap.

Pounding The Flower Onto The Muslin

2) With the hammer, pound the flower onto the muslin. Remove the flower and the plastic wrap. The colors from the flower will be transferred to your fabric.

3) Continue adding flowers and leaves, pounding one at a time until you have a beautiful arrangement of flowers pounded onto your muslin. If you plan on matting your picture, allow 1 1/2” at the edges of the muslin for the picture mat.

4) Allow the flower picture to dry. With a permanent marker, outline the flowers and add more detail if desired.

5) Mat and frame your picture. Add a hanger on the back of frame for hanging.

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