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Granny Coaster Set

Granny Coaster Set

Materials Needed:

Scrap yarn, 4 ply worsted weight
3/4” (inside dimension) plastic curtain rings
Size F crochet hook or size needed for finished size
Yarn needle
3-7/8” diameter x 1/2” thick pre-made pine wood circle
3/8“ diameter x 5” long hardwood dowel
Wood glue
Polyurethane stain
3/8” drill bit
4 self-adhesive felt footpads, 1/2” diameter (optional)

Coaster Directions:

Finished size: 3-3/4” diameter circle

Round 1) Tie yarn onto one of the rings; crochet 22 single crochet around ring, work over loose end of yarn as you go along. Attach with slipstitch to first single crochet.

Round 2) Do not turn, chain 5. [Treble crochet in back loop of single crochet from round 1, chain one] repeat around ring. Attach to 3rd chain from round 1 with slipstitch.

Round 3) Do not turn. [Single crochet in first chain space in round 2, chain 3] repeat around. Attach with slipstitch to first single crochet and finish off. Sew in end.

Details Of Stiches Used Finished Coaster

Details of stitches used

Finished coaster

To make remaining coasters, follow the instructions above to make a total of 12 coasters.

Coaster Holder:

1) Find center of pre-made pine wood circle. Drill a 3/8” hole into the center of the wood circle.

Wooden Coaster Holder

2) Add some wood glue into the hole and insert the wood dowel until it is level with underside of wood circle; wipe off excess glue and allow to dry.

3) Sand any rough spots. Wipe off any dust from sanding and paint with Polyurethane. Add felt footpads equally spaced out along the underside edge of wood circle.

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