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Chicken Egg Pin

Chicken Egg Pin

Materials Needed:

4 wooden hearts, 1/2” x 1/2”
1 split egg, 1/2” thick x 1 5/8” long
1” jewelry pin
White acrylic paint
Yellow ochre acrylic paint
Red acrylic paint
Fine permanent marker
1/32” wire
Scrap of ribbon or fabric
Red scrap of felt
Assorted artist brushes
Hot glue gun
1/32” drill bit
Small nose pliers


1) Paint the split egg and two of the hearts white. Paint the other two hearts yellow. Allow pieces to dry. Paint face onto egg and allow paint to dry. With a fine marker add dashes on the white hearts and the details on the chicken face as shown in illustration A.

Painting Face And Location Of Holes

2) Drill two holes into the bottom of the egg and a hole in each yellow heart as shown in illustration A.

3) Cut two pieces of wire 7” long. Insert one end of the wire into hole on yellow heart. With a small pliers, twist the wire around to the top and twist several time around longer piece to secure. See illustration B. Repeat with other yellow heart.

Wraping The Wire To Form The Legs

4) Insert the other end of the wire into the holes in the egg. Twist the wire around and to the front and twist several times around longer piece to secure. See Illustration B. Repeat with other wire with yellow heart.

5) Using a pencil, wrap the wire around the pencil as shown in illustration B. Remove pencil. Repeat with other wire. Adjust the wire so that the lobes of the heart are facing forward.

6) Glue white hearts (wings) on egg with hot glue gun. Cut a small piece of fabric and tie into a bow. Glue onto front of egg. Turn egg over to back. Cut a small piece of red fabric and hot glue to back top of egg. See illustration C.

Gluing On The Wings, Felt And Bow

7) Hot glue the jewelry pin vertically to back of egg.

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