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Crocheted Butterfly Magnet

Crocheted Butterfly Magnet

Materials Needed:

2 different colors of worsted weight yarn*
Size F crochet hook
Yarn needle
Pipe cleaner
1/2” wide adhesive backed magnetic strips
Hot Glue gun

* Good way to use up leftover yarn!

Key to Abbreviations:

Ch – Chain
Sl st – Slipstitch
Dc – Double crochet
St – Stitch
Sp(s) – Space(s)
Hdc – Half double crochet

Go to if you need step-by-step instructions on how to do the crochet stitches for this project.


Note: The granny square that you will be crocheting will not lie flat.

Row 1) Using first color, ch 5, sl st into first chain to form a ring. Ch 4, 2 dc in ring, (3 dc, ch 3 in ring) 7 times, sl st into top of ch 4, finish off.
Row 2) Using second color, sl st in any ch 3 sp, ch 4, in same sp 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc, ch 3, (in next ch 3 sp, 3 dc, ch3, 3 dc, ch 3) 7 times, sl st into top of first ch3, finish off.
Row 3) Using first color, sl st in last ch sp made in row 2, ch 3, (5 hdc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3, sc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3) 8 times. Sl st in beginning sl st, finish off.


1) Fold the granny square in half as shown in illustration A.

Assembling Butterfly A & B

2) Fold pipe cleaner in half and single twist the folded end about 1 inch from the fold. Form the folded end of the pipe cleaner into an oval shape.

3) Insert granny square between the ends of pipe cleaner as shown in illustration B. Single twist the two ends together.

4) Form the antenna from the two pipe cleaner ends as shown in illustration C.

Finished Butterfly C

5) Cut 3 pieces of magnetic strips 3/4” long and hot glue onto one side of butterfly.

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