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Boo Boo Bunny

Boo Boo Bunny

Materials Needed:

Lightweight washcloth
Plastic Easter egg
White25mm pom pom
2 white29mm pom poms
Pink5mm pom pom
2 Wiggle eyes 3/8”
Thin rubber bands
14 “ piece of blue ribbon 3/16” wide
Small glue gun


1) Roll up the washcloth as shown in illustration A.

Illustration A

2) The body: Place plastic egg in middle of washcloth and wrap the washcloth around the egg as shown in illustration B. Unfold some of the washcloth to fit around egg. Hold together ends with a rubber band.

Illustration B

3) The head: Fold up the washcloth and hold together with a rubber band as shown in illustration C. Adjust the ends of the washcloth to make the ears.

Illustration C & D

4) Glue on the large white pom pom on the back for the tail. Glue on two smaller white pom poms in the front for the face and the pink pom pom for the nose. Glue on the eyes. See illustration D.

5) Wrap the ribbon over the rubber bands and tie a bow. See photo on top of page.

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