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American Flag Wooden Pallet

Materials Needed:

Wooden pallet*
Red, white and blue house paint**
Assorted size brushes
Xacto knife or small scissors
Star stencils (optional)

*Depending on the configuration of the slats and the size of the pallet, your flag may come out looking slightly different. Smaller versions can be purchased at a craft store.

**Spray paint may also be used for painting the flag. Use poster board and making tape to block out areas that will not be spray painted.


1) Print out stencil.pdf. With Xacto knife or scissors cut out stars. Or skip printing out stars and use store bought star stencils. Set aside.

2) Lay newspaper under and around pallet.

Flag Pallet Layouts

3) Paint every other slat with white paint.

4) Paint every other unpainted slat with red paint. Allow paints to completely dry.

5) Paint upper left area with blue paint. Allow to completely dry.

6) Using the star stencil, trace the stars onto the blue area. Paint stars with white paint. Note: You can also make the stars by laying the stencil onto the blue area and spray painting the stars on.

7) Hang on a wall or lean against a tree or house.

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