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Vegetable Garden Bed

The Building section of our site shows how we built (constructed) our backyard garden. Although your garden might be somewhat different, our tricks of using black plastic, drip hoses and a watering computer can be applied to your own garden as well. So start clicking away and learn how we built OurVeggieGarden...

Our garden measures 11' 6" x 46' and it is bordered with 50 curved retaining blocks, each measure about 27" x 8". We use these blocks to match the retaining wall that lines our driveway.

Most people don't use raised garden beds, but those that do tend to use wood timbers to outline their plots. The choice is up to you, but we used curved concrete blocks because they last longer than wood and we have been very happy with the results. To keep the blocks in place, 18" steel reinforcement rods are driven into the ground.

To water our garden we use three 50' drip hoses to supply water to the plants. To retain moisture in the soil and keep out weeds, we use black plastic to cover our garden bed.

To prevent rabbits form chewing on our plants, we use 24 shorter wooden fencing to line the sides and front of the garden and a 60' metal mesh fence across the back of the garden. This seems to be basically successful and allows us to view the garden from the house without having to stare at a tall fence.

Materials List


Raised Garden Bed


Retaining Wall Blocks (27" x 8")


Metal Reinforcement Rods (18" long)

2 rolls

Black Plastic (10' x 25')

10 cubic yards

Topsoil/Compost Mix

2 bags

Perlite (4 cubic ft.)

2 bags

Vermiculite (4 cubic ft.)

10 bags

Peat Moss (3.2 cubic ft.)


Plastic Pipe PVC (10' x 1/2")


Plastic End Caps

1 bag



50' Drip Hoses


Wooden Walkways


5/4 Treated Decking Lumber

2 lbs.

Wood Screws



2 rolls

Wire Mesh Fencing (24" x 50')


3' Metal stakes


Wooden Fences With Additional Mesh Wire Fronts (3' x 1')

1 roll

Bailing Wire


Watering System*


Garden Hose (Additional hoses will be needed if optional timer is used)


"Y" Hose Connectors


Water Timer Kit – Computer & Solenoid Valve (Optional)


Fertilizer Tube Attachment – Screen Water Filter (Optional)

* Additional plumbing fixtures such as faucets and piping
maybe needed for suppling water to the garden

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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