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Drip Hoses

A problem you must deal with is the type of irrigation system you will employ. The hoses we use are the type that are made of recycled car tires that 'leak' throughout the entire hose. They are commonly available and cost next to nothing. We get them in the 50' lengths as they will fit our garden perfectly (our garden is 46' long). Simply lay 3 of them along the length of the garden, several feet apart and connect them together using some type of 'tee' system to a single hose. You can dig a shallow trench for each of the three hoses (which is what we do) or simply lay them on the top of the garden. Either way seems to work, but the trench method might be better because the drip hoses tend to water the roots of the plant rather than the stem, which is better because it promotes good root growth.

Digging a TrenchLaying Out the HoseRaking Soil Over the Hose
Run a line lengthwise to garden & dig a trench (left), Laying out the hose (middle),
Raking soil over hose (right)

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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