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Watering Garden with Computer

Backyard Watering System Layout

We have the drip hoses connected to a water computer which is located in our basement. This computer turns on the water every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 AM in the morning and waters the garden for 15 minutes. Why do we do this? The first reason is to save water and money, but the more important reason is so that we can go away on our camping trips and have the computer water the garden for us. If the weather is wet, we disable the watering cycle for several days; otherwise I simply let the computer water the garden thru the drip irrigation hoses. We rarely water the garden by using an overhead hose or spray, which can cause diseases. This system has worked perfectly for us for a number of years now and we see no reason to change it. With the high cost of water, it makes good sense.

Fertilizer TubeSolenoid Valve"Y" Hose ConnectorComputer
Fertilizer tube (left), Solenoid Valve (2nd left),
"Y" Hose Connector (3rd left, Computer (right)

This watering computer waters the garden for us when we are away

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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