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Watch the vegetables as they grow, and view the harvest as it comes in. That's what Watch It Grow is all about! Watch the Attack of the Insects, or the Attack of the Rabbits. Plenty of pictures show the progress of our vegetables on a month to month basis, so you can enjoy, laugh (and cry) right along with us! This is a fun site, so click on each months tab and 'Watch Our Garden Grow".

See What's Growing In Our Veggie Garden . . .

Our Garden In Late March / April

More Photos

March - 3rd Week

Planting marigold seeds

April - 1st Week

Cole crop seedlings

2nd Week

Bill transplanting cabbage

Bok choy growing under lights

Placing plants into pots

Leeks and flowers under grow lights

3rd Week

Bill setting up the garden

Bill and Corkie

Bill smoothing out the soil

Spreading out the fertilizer

Laying out the black plastic

Walking boards

Garden ready to plant

5th Week

Robin transplanting peppers

Transplanting into peat pots

Plants under grow lights

Robins ready to plant

Planting peas


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"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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