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Preserving the harvest has to do with the problem, and processes, of freezing and canning the vegetables after you have picked them. Here at OurVeggieGarden we both freeze and can our harvest bounty to be eaten later in the year. We list some canning recipes that we have tried and that seem to work well and some procedures for freezing food that we have been satisfied with. The emphasis on these recipes is low fat, low calorie meals, as maintaining your weight as you grow older is difficult for most of us. Cooking vegetables via the Chinese method is an excellent way to enjoy your harvest and to watch the calories as well. If you have an excellent low fat, low calorie recipe that you might like to share with our internet friends, send it to us and we'll add it to the list. So don't just sit there thinking about what to make next. Look around this section and see what might interest you.

To learn how to can or freeze safely and properly, consult the USDA guidelines, the Kerr or Ball home canning & freezing books, or books such as Stocking Up, normally available at your local library. Also check out web site on their step-by-step basic guidelines on how to can vegetables.



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