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About Bill And Robin . . .

Bill, Sparky and RobinOur family consists of a wife, a husband and one crazy dog - Sparky. We live in Wisconsin in a 3 bedroom ranch home. Robin, the wife, is a retired technical illustrator and the web mistress of our site. She is a very capable artist, which is why the site contains so many graphics, pictures and animations. She enjoys working on the web site, anything related to gardening, camping, reading and crafting.

Bill, the husband, is a retired computer programmer who now spends his time fishing, building model boats, camping and gardening. Bill decided upon a life-style change when he retired in 2001 and tries to grow as much of his own vegetables as possible, eat healthy and eat smart, watch the weight and get plenty of exercise.

Our dog, Sparky, is the love of our lives. He is an 1 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We take him with us most everywhere and is a big hit with everyone to meets him, especially the girls! Yes, Sparky has no tail, and this is part of the breed. He is a rather uncommon dog but is popular among the worlds royalty, such as Queen Elizabeth, who has about 5 of them.

Robin and Bill grow our own vegetables because it is a grand hobby that is increasing in popularity every year; it gives us something to talk about and to do together; it is a real challenge to grow good vegetables; it is something in which we can take great pride; it is very educational, as you will learn much about soil, fertilizers, insects, and much more; it supplies us with our own cache of home-grown vegetables; and finally, it provides us with plenty of exercise, as any gardener will tell you.

Bill and Robin are both retired, and working in the garden is one of their hobbies. During the long winter months we can sit in front of the fireplace and discuss next years planting, garden layout and new recipes. Gardening gives us something to talk about and something to do together.

With all of the insects and goofy weather we have today, growing vegetables can be difficult. But when you do grow a good harvest, it will be the cause of great pride and sense of accomplishment. As you grow your vegetables, you will receive an education, be it by the insects, the weather, the rabbits, or your local university extension. Whatever the source of your education might be, you will learn about growing vegetables one way or another.

Finally, our garden supplies us with our own supply of fresh vegetables, which we both freeze and can. It gives us the exercise that we need to help us maintain our weight, one of the biggest problems that retired people face. Our garden is a source of pleasure, a source of challenge, and a topic of discussion. We hope your garden serves the same purpose.

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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