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In loving memory of our beloved pet

Corkie With His Collar And Bandana

June 1995 - November 2006

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Corkie As A Puppy1995 - Corkie in the kitchen as a puppy.

Corkie With Santa1996 - Corkie with Santa. One of the best pictures of him that we have.

Corkie On The Road1997 - Corkie on our trip to the Rocky Mountains. Corkie did not like to travel and hated the travel trailer. So for most trips, he stayed at ‘Kamp Kenny’s’ (the home of my brother, Ken).

Corkie And His Frisbee2001 - Corkie playing with the frisbee. We taught him to play frisbee and he absolutely loved it. One time, Bill threw the frisbee and it landed on Corkie’s head and spun around on his head for about 3 seconds. It was one of the funniest events that we have ever witnessed!

Corkie On The Top Of The Stairs2001 - Corkie loved to sit at the top of the basement stairs waiting for us to go outside to play ball with him or to catch us in the act of sneaking a snack in the kitchen.

Corkie Sniffing A Frog2002 - Corkie loved to see creatures from the garden but he never hurt any of them. Here Corkie is sniffing a garden frog.

Corkie And Robin Planning The Garden2002 - Cokie loved the cool weather, especially in winter and spring. Here he is with Robin examining the yearly garden plan for the veggie garden.

The Three Of Us2002 - One of the few pictures of all three of us together.

What A Face2002 - One of the most beautiful faces in the world. He was one handsome dog!

Corkie Posing2002 - Posing in front of the garden was one of his favorite tasks. 'Nobody' posed better than Corkie. Everybody just loved him.

Corkie Clowning Around2004 - Corkie the clown. He loved to show-off and act like a little clown.

Corgi At Play2004 - We found the ‘Corgi at play’ sign at a craft fair. The picture on the sign looked just like Corkie.

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