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A Zone Map is a graphic, normally of the USA and Canada, that divide the two countries into various climatic zones, which lists the average annual minimum temperature. This tends to be of limited use to most gardeners, and with the climate changing due to the greenhouse effect, the zone maps can be out of date, especially the older ones. Most zone maps do not list when the last frost in Spring occurs, or the first frost in Fall. These dates, which are the most important for gardeners, change yearly and can vary within counties and even within neighborhoods. So the best way to determine when the last frost occurs in Spring is to consult local gardeners, your local county extension or agent, the local library, or even your local weatherman.

Wisconsin Spring
Average Last Frost Dates

Wisconsin Fall
Average First Frost Dates

WI Spring Frost Date Map - Click to View Larger
WI Fall Frost Date Map - Click to View Larger

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Untited States Average Frost Dates

For gardeners who do not live in Wisconsin you can find your average frost dates at the following web site:

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