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Wooden Rustic Candy Corn

Wooden Candy Corn

Materials Needed:

2 x 4 scrap lumber
Electric saw
Miter (optional)
White, yellow & orange acrylic paint
Painters tape (optional)
Halloween or homespun fabric (assorted fat quarters)
Decorations such as dried berries, buttons, excelsior etc. (optional)
Staple gun, wood glue or glue gun



Candy Corn Template Click Here Candy Corn A


1) Print out template to your printer. Cut out candy corn piece and with a pencil trace shapes onto the wood as shown in Illustration A.

2) Paint the entire piece of wood with the white paint. Allow to dry completely.

Candy Corn B and C

3) Using the candy corn template as a guide paint the yellow paint onto the lower portion (4 sides and bottom) of the piece of wood as shown in illustration B. Allow to dry completely. Note: If you don't want the hand painted rustic look, you can mask off the areas you are painting with painters tape.

4) Paint the orange in the middle as shown in illustration C. Allow to dry completely.

Candy Corn D

5) Cut or rip 1 1/2" to 2" strip from the width of the fabric. Gather up several piece of raffia and cut into same length as strip. Attach to center of candy corn back with staple gun. See illustration D. Bring to front and tie into a knot. Trim ends. Decorate with gray excelsior, berries, and buttons of your choice or leave as is.


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