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Snowmen Mittens Wall Decoration

Snowmen Mittens

Materials Needed:

4 (8" x 12") red wool felt
1 (2" x 4") orange wool felt
1(4" x 8") white felt
1/8 yard red homespun fabric
1/8 yard green homespun fabric
4 (1/4") black buttons or beads
Black embroidery floss
Red thread
Fabric glue
Glue gun
Pencil or fabric marker
Sewing machine


1) Print out pattern pieces to your printer.

2) Cut out patterns pieces and trace onto felt as shown in illustration A.


3) Cut two 1 1/2" long strips the width of red homespun fabric. Cut two 1" x 4" long strip out of green homespun fabric.

4) Referring to illustration B, fabric glue the head and nose onto one left and one right mitten. Sew on buttons for eyes. Using the black floss, blanket stitch around the edge of the snowman's head and around his nose. Using a backstitch, sew on the month. Tie the green homespun into a single knot and hot glue below the snowmen's head.

Blanket StitchB

5) Take the one mitten front and line up to second (back) mitten as shown in illustration C. On a sewing machine, using red thread sew about a 1/8" from the edge as shown in illustration D. Do not stitch along top edge. Do the same with the other mitten's front and back.

C and D

6) Fold opening over about a 1/2" and hand sew with red thread as shown in illustration E. Turn both mittens inside out.

7) Take one of the red homespun strips and cut in half (about 22" long). Tie around top of mitten, gathering up some of the felt mitten and then tie into a bow as shown in illustration F. Do the same with second mitten.

8) Cut second remaining red strip in half. Hand sew one of the strips to the tops of each mitten as shown in illustration F.


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