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Indian Corn Magnet or Napkin Holder

Indian Corn Magnet

Materials Needed:

Plastic canvas 7 count
Yarn leftovers in autumn colors
Natural-colored raffia paper
Cording or 1/4" wide ribbon
Large blunt tip needle
Hot glue or white glue

Indian Corn Magnet:
1" x 1/2" magnet

Indian Corn Napkin Holder:

Elastic ponytail holder

Stitch Diagrams:


For Cross stitch: Needle comes up at "a", down at "b", up at "c", down at "d", etc. Work the other half of cross stich by bringing the needle up at "e", down at "f", up at "g", down at "h", etc.

For Whip stich along edge: Needle comes up at "a", down and around edge at "b", up at "c", down and around edge at "d", up at "e", etc.

Magnet Instructions:

1) Referring to illustration A, cut corn shapes out of plastic canvas.

Ill A

2) Thread an 18" piece of yarn into the needle and cross stitch a random pattern of stiches as shown in illustration B.

Note: To hide and secure your yarn end, hold an inch of yarn tale behind the canvas and then work your stiches in the back over the end of the yarn. When you are finished sewing that area, run the yarn under a few stitches in back and then cut off remaining yarn.

3) Continue cross stitching the entire plastic canvas with another color of yarn. See illustration C.

4) Stich along the edge with whip stitches. See whip stitch diagram above. Catch the tail of the yarn under a few of the whip stiches on the back. Finish off the yarn end by sewing into some of the stitches on the back and then cut off remaining yarn.

5) Referring to shape below, cut about 8 or 9 husks out of raffia.


6) Glue the 3 finished corn together. Glue on the husk shapes. Make a bow out of 12" piece of ribbon or cording and glue to husks. See illustration D.

Ill D

7) Refrigerator magnet: Glue a magnet on back

Napkin holder: Glue on an elastic ponytail holder to back.

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