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Bill's Hobbies & Projects

This section of the site includes some hobbies & projects that Bill enjoys making. Future items include turning gourds into bird houses, building a Robin birdhouse, building a rabbit trap and other neat things of interest. So jump right in and start looking at the projects Bill is doing and the fun he is having. FUN RULES HERE!

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Seed Starting Seed Starting Tip
FoilSquirrels Foil The Squirrels
picker Bean or Pea Picking Container
Bell Birdseed Bell
Burlap Retain Moisture In Potted Plants
Picker Caterpillar Picker
Frame Bill's Cold Frame
Supports Floating Row Cover Supports
Shaker Fertilizer Or Garden Dust Shaker
Ladder Garden Ladder Trellis
HoleMaker Garden Planter
Bucket Garden Seat Bucket With Swivel Seat
GourdHouse Gourd Bird House
Markers Plant Markers
Jugs Using Milk Bottles To Fill Up Space In Large Pots
Trap Ray's Rabbit Trap
DryingRack Drying Rack For Saving Seeds
Greenhouse Simple Greenhouse
Teepee Tee Pee Cloche
TreeSupport Tree Support
UpsideDown Upside Down Tomato
Tower Morning Glory Tower
BarrelWood Water Collection Barrel (Wooden)
BarrelMetal Rain Barrel (Metal Drum)
WaterBottle Watering Cones
Watering Watering System For Pots
Sunflower Sunflower Supports
WatterBottle Water Bottle Holder
BirdHouse Robin Bird House

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