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Some people place a large fence around their gardens to really get serious. This is okay, but normally has a drawback: you cannot see the garden from the house. In our garden, we like to sit in our Sunroom and look at the garden. The front 12" of the garden is planted with flowers, while the rest is all vegetables. This makes a nice contrast and is very enjoyable to view.

View of Our Garden from Sunroom
View of the garden from our Sunroom

A fence around the garden is nice but not absolutely required. We have some pesky bunnies in our neighborhood and they love our garden veggies, so we have little choice. We have a more or less permanent fence around the back of the garden, but the sides and front are all open.

Layout of Fencing

Metal Mesh Fence

Metal Mesh FenceSettin up the Back Fence

Wooden Fence

Here we have chosen to install smaller wooden fence sections, each about 12" high by about 3' long, which we merely walk over when we want to enter the garden. It is enough to deter the rabbits and mice, but would not deter a raccoon or deer, neither of which we seem to have problems with. In fall, we take the fence down and we can work on the garden easily, and reinstall it in spring.

Installing the Front FencePreassembled Wooden Fence
This small front fence keeps most smaller critters out

"Watch Our Garden Grow"

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