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Intensive gardening means to plant the vegetables very close together, so that at full maturity their leaves just begin to touch and the general area around the plant is completely covered with foliage. This kind of gardening, which has been used in France for many years, is used in ‘square’ gardening, rather than ‘row’ gardening. In other words, you plant your garden in square or rectangular areas, place the plants close together and intensify the useable area. Farmers do not practice intensive gardening because they have lots of land to till and don’t need to employ intensive gardening techniques. But for home gardeners who have small gardens, intensive gardening makes sense. Because we have a 460 square foot garden, and there are only the two of us to feed, we don’t really practice intensive gardening, because we have difficulty eating what we grow using traditional row gardening. But for those of you with small gardens and lots of kids, intensive gardening makes sense.

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